Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Good For Your Health

We get this question all the time…

Are Himalayan salt lamps good for your health?

Cite research about negative ions

Fact is, Himalayan salt lamps, when warmed, emit millions of negative ions. On top of that, Himalayan salt, mined from deep underground has a crystalline molecular structure, which if you know a thing or two about your computer, microchips are made of a similar crystalline stone called quartz. Quartz is known by modern technology to be an efficient transmitter of energy, but has also been used for millennia by native tribes and societies for its alleged “healing properties” in the form of quartz crystals that grow naturally underground around the world.

We believe that somewhere between what science has discovered about the properties of crystals, the healing power of negative ions and properties science has yet t0 discover, Himalayan salt lamps will captivate and soothe you with their brilliant pink, orange or reddish glow.

A lamp style for every setting:

Harvest from deep underground Himalayan salt lamps are mined from a very special place located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan.  Himalayan salt can be carved into just about anything the imagination can think of, but for the reasons of durability and safety, our lamps are offered in Natural, Pyramid, Globe, Aromatherapy and our new heated massage stone kit.

The Best Prices

Sustainability & Giving Back

A portion of all proceeds of SaltSkill Himalayan salt lamps goes directly back to providing clean and safe drinking water for the local communities responsible for harvesting your new salt lamp.  In today’s global economy, we are only as strong as the least of us and we believe in supporting the communities that make this possible.

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