Himalayan Salt Ceramic Grinders - Don't Get Plastic In Your Food!

Plastic Or Ceramic, You Be the Judge

Himalayan salt is loved the world over for it's smooth and delicious flavor.  Because of it's broad trace mineral spectrum it provides a more nutritious and back to nature salt for your meals and recipes.  The clean eating, paleo, vegan, keto and other diet communities have come to love Salt Skill™ brand Himalayan salt because of it's ethical sourcing and lack of processing and additives.    

Plastic Proliferation

Over the last ten years we have seen Himalayan salt rise to global popularity with dozens, if not hundreds of companies getting on the bandwagon.  The trouble is, in order to get a low price on their grocer's shelves, they opt to put beautiful and healthful Himalayan salt in grinders with plastic grinder teeth! 

What's the big deal? 

Himalayan salt is a hard mineral crystal salt that can wear down plastic grinder teeth in just a few uses.  Can you guess where that plastic goes?  You guessed it, right into your food. 😷

Be aware and be prepared to only buy Himalayan salt products and other clean eating products that are packaged and processed by companies that understand and care about getting the cleanest and purest food to your door. 

Education & Shameless Self Promotion Time

Salt Skill ™ brand products are made and packaged with you, the health conscious customer in mind, and for those that have fallen in love with Himalayan salt, or are just learning about Himalayan salt here are some recommendations to get you started. 

Our Glass Ceramic 7oz Tabletop Grinder

This tall and slender beauty was designed to look great sitting in your kitchen, or on your dining room table without annoying or distracting text.  The grinder is 100% adjustable and reusable and of course it uses a ceramic grinder head so no plastic will ever make it into your food.  7oz Grinder Here

For The Salt Pros - #PinkSaltBae

Grinding salt is great fun at the dinner table, but for recipes and meal prep, grinding salt quickly becomes a drag on your progress.  Be sure and pick up some fine grain pink Himalayan salt for quick and easy addition to recipes, smoothies, sports recovery drinks anywhere else you can think of.  Fine Grain Salt Here

Check Your Grinder & Share the Knowledge

We're surprised how many people don't know that their salt grinder has a plastic head, so be sure and check yours today by tapping it lightly with your fingernail, or the end of a fork. It will be rough to the touch and much harder sounding than plastic when tapped.