Himalayan Salt Foot Detox

foot-detox-scrub_800pxSalt therapies like the salt foot detox are growing in popularity because people are experiencing the deep relaxation that comes from Himalayan salt foot detox blocks. We recommend using a salt foot scrub detox for its relaxation qualities or using Himalayan salt blocks over foot detox pads because they will last much longer and are far more cost effective. The exception is for much older person or someone who suffers from severe arthritis who may have trouble handling the weight of a Himalayan salt block.

Using the foot scrub is self-explanatory (and awesome). The salt block, however, requires some explanation.

Don’t let our 4x8x2 salt block product page confuse you; these “culinary” salt blocks are perfect for a foot detox as well. Just order two! This block is appropriate for most feet. It’s okay if your feet are a little longer than the block, but if they are much longer, consider getting one 8x12x2 block instead.

How to Pamper Yourself With a Himalayan Salt Foot Detox

This is how to prepare your Himalayan salt foot detox:

  • Warm your salt block in the microwave or oven being careful not to overheat it. The oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes is a good starting point. You may find that more or less heat is best for you.
  • Find a comfortable spot to sit and put your feet on the Himalayan salt blocks. Don’t put too much pressure on the salt; remember, you are trying to relax and enjoy the other benefits of salt.

The Himalayan salt foot detox is enjoyable any time, but some of the best times to enjoy this foot detox are in the morning and before bed. Himalayan salt is purported to support normal blood circulation and well-being, so using this foot detox may help you wake up naturally in the morning. On the other hand, this relaxing therapy promotes a healthy night sleep too.

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