Himalayan Salt for Dogs – The Beginner’s Guide

Mineral deficient dog lying on the floor.If you have any association between salt and animals, it’s probably horses, but Fido can benefit from Himalayan salt just the same as horses or you! Let’s break this down. There are two uses for Himalayan salt for dogs:

  • To repair nutrient deficiencies and imbalances
  • For wounds and in baths

Nutrient Deficiencies and Imbalances in Dogs

Be careful with your pet’s health. Just as Himalayan salt can resolve a nutrient deficiency it can create a nutrient imbalance as well. Dogs have different nutritional needs than you or I do, so what works for you, won’t work for your fur kid. There are several common nutrient deficiencies in dogs to keep an eye out for. Identifying a mineral deficiency isn’t easy. The most common signs are changes in your dogs coat, energy levels, or maybe your pets eyes don’t look at bright and lively.

If you think you’ve spotted a mineral deficiency, there’s a good sporting chance that Himalayan salt is a natural source of it for your pet. There are 84 vitamins and minerals in our salt, and they cover some of the most important and common mineral deficiencies like magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese.

The simplest way to get salt into your dog’s diet is to add it to their water bowl. Start with a small amount to see how your pet reacts to drinking it, but also to the nutrients themselves. If your dog tolerates the salt water solution well, kick it up a notch. If not, it’s probably not a nutrient deficiency or the nutrient profile in Himalayan salt isn’t right for your dog.

Healing Dog Wounds and Dog Salt Baths

If your dog has psoriasis, add Himalayan salt to a bath to help relieve the symptoms. You can even use one of our therapeutic bath soaks. If your pup get nervous at the thought of a bath, calm is a good choice.

Wounds or painful and sore areas on a dog also benefit from Himalayan salt. Make a brine, which your grandmother would tell you is just salty water. The greater the concentration of Himalayan salt the better, so put some in a jar with water until it dissolves and then try to put in more. Keep going until no more dissolves. This takes some patience since it can take 24 hours each helping of salt you put in to dissolve. Once you have the highly concentrated salt bring though, you can keep it for years. Put the brine on your dog and it will help reduce pain and keep the area clean, so it heals. If your pet has an open wound or sore, salt in very high concentrations can cause a burning sensation.  Have you ever gone into the ocean with a cut on your finger?  It’s the same concept. Rest assured the salt will help any person or pets wounds clean and heal faster, just be sure not to over do it.

Good luck with Himalayan salt for dogs. There’s no reason that any member of your family, pets and all, can enjoy the benefits of our salt.

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