Himalayan Salt for Eczema

Bath tub.Over 30 million people have eczema, an incurable but more often than not manageable disease. You are not alone in looking for natural treatments for eczema. On the other hand, everyone with eczema seems to experience it differently, so while there is a large community of people facing the same disorder you are, there are few people who have exactly the same rash, severity of symptoms, response to treatment, and so on and so forth.

You may, however, have some things in common with other sufferers. Most are diagnosed as babies or young children though adult onset can occur. The location of rashes is often similar for people at different stages in life and eczema tends to improve with age.

The short answer as to whether Himalayan salt will help is maybe. There are a lot of variables!

Using Himalayan Salt to Treat Eczema

Especially for mild eczema, Himalayan salt can be a part of an effective regiment to prevent bad days and help your body heal itself when those bad days happen.
When you have a wound:

Apply a mild Himalayan salt solution, this will help it dry. The best concentration will depend upon your wound and your tolerance to the salt.

Get plenty of air and sun on your eczema, to keep your wounds dry and get vitamin D.
Many people with eczema have found the best way to get salt on them during an outbreak is by taking a Himalayan salt bath. Like anything, you don’t want to overdue, but this is an effective way of getting salt where you need it without applying pressure to the area or otherwise aggravating it.

Using Nutrition to Treat Eczema

Many people with eczema have found that certain foods trigger flare ups. They have also found that when they eat a healthy diet, free of their triggers, that their eczema is less frequent and less severe. On the other hand, Andrea Cambio MD, FAAD says “There is no science linking certain foods with flare-ups. But it can be an individual thing,” Who knows what that means exactly accept to say that if you are looking for a specific study to tell you what to and not to eat, you won’t find it.

Keep a food diary to figure out if there are some nutrition-related issues causing you more trouble with eczema than you need to be!

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