How to Give a Himalayan Salt Massage

Massage-Therapy-Lamp-260x260Massage melts away the tension built up from a struggles at home and at work. Conventional massages are great, but Himalayan salt massage is even better. Here’s how:

  • Himalayan salt massage stones produce negative ions, which may clean the air and create a deeper self of wellbeing by detoxifying and increasing the alkalinity of your body.
  • The salt stones are heated, so the relaxation affects go deep into the muscle and joints.
  • Salt is wonderful for your skin. Your skin will be left even more refreshed and moisturized compared to a conventional massage treatment.
  • Negative ions are produced when heated creating a sense of peace and deeper sense of relaxation.
  • Unlike river stones and some other stone therapies, Himalayan salt has antimicrobial properties

How to Give Himalayan Salt Massage

Star Spa TV did made a wonderful video that both highlights some of the benefits of Himalayan salt massage and shows some of the massage treatment’s techniques:

There are a few things to notice in the video.

First, be sure to warm to a level that’s warm enough to work your muscles and joints deeply but not so warm as to burn your skin or be uncomfortable. Notice, also, that your skin should be oiled during the treatment. We recommend coconut oil, which is great for this massage treatment and easy to find at your local grocery store if you don’t already havne it in your pantry. Jojoba is another great option.

The techniques are largely similar to other massage modalities, with some exceptions:

  • Be careful to use the appropriate side of the massage stone depending upon the trigger point that the massage therapist is applying pressure on
  • The massage therapist may need to use more carrier oil than usual
  • A full body Himalayan salt massage treatment should always end with the back

Ultimately, you’ll want to experiment and focus the parts of your body that need the most care from this treatment. Take a look at our warming therapy salt lamp that includes handmade massage stones.

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