Is Your Salt Lamp Safe? – Salt Lamp Recall

Recently, news broke that approximately 80,000 Himalayan salt lamps (NOT affiliated with Salt Skill brand lamps) are being recalled by Michael’s arts and craft stores. The recalls are apparently due to electrical related fire and shock hazards based on findings of faulty electrical cords. It is important to note that the recalled lamps are not in any way affiliated with Salt Skill branded products.

The offical recall notice can be viewed here: Consumer Product Safety Commission Notice

Is Your Salt Lamp Safe?

If you purchased a genuine Salt Skill Himalayan lamp, you are covered. Salt Skill only uses UL certified and/or UL recognized electrical components in all of our salt lamp products. UL Certification has been the standard in the Unites States since 1894. About UL Certification. We cannot speak as to the safety of other brands’ electrical components as we do not know their quality standards.

Salt Lamps Increasing In Popularity

Because of increased demand over the last five years, companies looking to make a quick buck have been importing salt lamps of questionable quality. In fact we often hear from customers who were tempted by a low priced salt lamp, only to find their hopes dashed after receiving a poor quality lamp.

We suggest that, when considering a salt lamp, you chose a reputable and high quality salt lamp manufacturer that uses only UL certified electric elements.

How Do I Tell If My Salt Lamp is Safe?

If you purchased a salt lamp in the last five years, it is very important that you check your cord for a stamp that says UL and looks like the photo here. Typically, the stamp is on the switch housing.


Do Not Tamper with Switch Housing

If, for any reason you feel your salt lamp is not working as it should, do not attempt to repair or tamper with the switch housing in any way. Please contact the manufacturer of your salt lamp for a replacement or a refund. BUYER BEWARE! Before ordering, be sure to confirm that your supplier uses UL certified replacement cords.

Increase Your Health, Not Your Stress

Customers all over the USA love our salt lamps because of the beautiful glow and calming ambiance they bring to a room. Unfortunately, some salt lamp retailers are actually increasing customer stress by selling products that may be unsafe for their home and family. When it comes to health and your well-being, we encourage you to consider the value of peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Salt Skill Doubles Down on Quality in 2018

Salt Skill remains committed to supplying the highest quality Himalayan salt products in the industry. We aim to not only bring maximum benefit to our customers, but also to our employees and the communities that our products touch. All of our products are hand packed and inspected for quality right here in the USA. In 2017, we are planning to continue to invest in improved production and assembly technology in order to ensure that the products we supply to our customers are of the highest quality on the market.

Don’t Be Fooled by Imitators

As a special promotion to help more customers get the best quality salt lamps possible, we are providing a 10% discount on all of our website orders. Enter promo code “quality1st” at checkout to save 10% instantly.

Thank you for trusting Salt Skill, we look forward to a healthy future with you.

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