The Great Salt Tsunami, Part 1 of The "Science of Soothe" Series

The following is an outline of our approach to doing business in the health and wellness space with specific respect to natural cures and the scientific method, with a splash of adventure. For those who enjoy exploring alternative and natural therapies, as well as those who are entrepreneurially minded, encourage you to keep reading. 

Here we sit, on this salt rocket with front row seats and we're headed towards the land of natural cures, health and wellness products and the sometimes murky science of alternative treatments. 

While we can never be complete devoid of bias my role as brand director for one of the fastest growing health and wellness brands in the USA gives me sober pause as I consider the effects our actions have on our customers and our fellow humans. 

Performance & Results Driven

My affection for clean eating and alternative therapies started at around age 16 when I decided to pursue a career in action sports.  The physical and mental demands placed on me required that I constantly evolve and improve my diet, my mind and the tools to help me improve both.  In most cases almost every step I took toward shifting my diet towards real whole foods, and also shifting my thinking towards the positive/optimistic spectrum, my life, my relationships and my performance on the track benefited in proportion.  

Now, as an entrepreneur co-leading an organization that effects hundreds of lives directly, it can certainly be enticing to tweet the compelling words of eager and glowing customers who walk through the door reporting that they had the best night sleep in years after placing a Himalayan salt lamp on their nightstand.

I love sales and growth as much as the next entrepreneur, but balance is also to be considered. 

As it relates to medicine and human health, nothing has moved humanity ahead faster than the scientific method applied over the last several decades.  That said, we generally like to keep things light and have fun around here, but we also take pride in offering our products in a scientifically grounded way.

Himalayan salt products in general sit at a curious intersection between an effective and necessary element of human health, and a curiously interesting novelty we all know and love, namely in the form of salt lamps.  Salt is a ubiquitous chemical and has dozens of useful applications both known and some unknown that we are just beginning to understand, so for me personally it's an A.D.D. CEO's dream.

To following pages will provide, (for those that are interested,) a somewhat deep dive into the wellness revolution we are seeing across the USA.  

Millions Of Salt Lamps

Over the last five years, the consumer driven demand for this product has been staggering to say the least.  We estimate upwards of 5-10 million salt lamps have been sold in the US over the last 5-10 years, by dozens of manufacturers and importers.  As a business, we are happy to step in and serve the buying public with as much product as we can produce, but on the other hand, as a health and wellness advocate, I cannot help but ask why they are so desirable and why so many customers report various, but fairly consistent health benefits.

This information is not meant to be a dissertation, or explanation of a heretofore unknown and unmeasured natural force brought about by salt lamps.  It is rather meant to facilitate a conversation around what exactly is happening in the relationship between Himalayan salt lamps and the people who love them.

I could probably fill a book with the anecdotes from customers and entrepreneurs alike who have experienced firsthand feedback and stories regarding their experience with Himalayan salt lamps, Himalayan salt baths and more potently salt rooms and salt caves, but I will keep the story as concise and fact focused as possible.

Placebo Nation

What is the one drug that is so consistent, so effective and so reliable it's what all other drugs are measured against?  You guessed it. The placebo.  This concept has always fascinated me because it essentially implies the body's ability to heal itself when given permission, or an "excuse" to do so.  If that is all our product is doing, and the customers are enjoying it without harm, then I say let the party continue.

However, I and others involved with Himalayan salt would probably consider this a bit of a weak explanation given the dramatic surge of said salt lamp growth and the thousands of Himalayan salt caves that are popping up all over the country/world.  

Soothe Theory

Throughout this series you will be introduced to several concepts and health leaders that will provide insight into possible theories of what exactly may be at work in the various applications of Himalayan salt products and the “Science of Soothe”

You might find the twists and turns we’ve experience over the last five years to be amusing to say the least, and If you aspire to play a greater role in facilitating health and wellness for others, I hope you find the read rewarding and encouraging.

In part 2 we will introduce you to the fastest growing categories of Himalayan salt products and how they are leading the charge in the wellness revolution.

Part 2: 

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