What Kinds of Himalayan Salt Products Are There?

One of the interesting things about Himalayan salt are all of the things that you can use it for. You can cook on it, eat it, use it on your skin, decorate your house, and even give to your pets. Check out some of Himalayan salt products to see what all you can use this salt for:

Culinary Products

r-plank-150Himalayan salt has long been used as a cooking surface. For meats, fish, and produce it brings out their natural flavors with a nice saltiness from cooking on the salt plank. We recommend using a tray to make the plank easier to handle. Depending upon your use, you’ll choose a small or larger plank and tray. Say you’re cooking a large piece of salmon, you’ll want our large plank. If you’re cooking small fillets, you won’t need as big of a salt plank.

Check out our salt planks here. You’ll also find our find grain, gourmet Himalayan salt there as well. It’s a great substituted for using table salt. Like all good things, you’ll want to use Himalayan salt in moderation, but unlike ordinary salt, Himalayan salt includes 84 vitamins and minerals.

Bath, Body, and Wellness

Salt scrubs are a natural way to exfoliate your skin and improve the overall health of your skin too. In addition to scrubs and detoxes, you can use Himalayan salt products as a deodorant bar, massage stone treatment, relaxing lamp that cleans the air, and even an inhaler for asthma and allergies.

Check out all of these products here.

Zen Home Goods

We call our candles and lamps, Zen Home, because Himalayan salt lamps and candles are known to relax anyone who enjoys these attractive, natural lights. These are some of our most popular product since salt lamps have been historically used to clean the air and are a popular addition to any natural home.Massage-Therapy-Lamp-260x260

Animal Wellness

Last but not least, you can use Himalayan salt product for your pets. They are especially popular with horse owners, but cats, dogs, and other pets also love these animal salt products.

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