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Himalayan Shot Glasses (2-Pack)

Himalayan Shot Glasses (2-Pack)

Himalayan Salt Co.
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Our Official Party Enhancement Devices!

Salt Skill’s original Himalayan salt shot glasses are guaranteed to turn it up a notch at your next party!

Popular Uses:

Shooting tequila
Entertaining new friends or guests
Giving as a gift
Turning it up a notch!

Our Himalayan salt shot glasses are handmade with the finest Himalayan salt in the world. Harvested by hand from deep under the Himalayan mountain range, you’ll look like a seasoned world traveler when you bring these glasses to your next party.

There’s no need for a salt shaker, simply slice up some limes, pour a fine tequila, and enjoy the moment!

Use Responsibly

We believe that good health and happy life comes from enjoying all things in moderation, which is why we encourage you to enjoy your shot glasses and the liquids that you place inside them responsibly.