The Clean Water Project

Salt Skill - Clean Water Project

Himalayan salt comes from only one region in the world, which happens to reside in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, located exclusively in Pakistan. Therefore all of Himalayan Salt Co. and Salt Skill ™ brand, products are sourced from this region. 

80% Of Pakistani Citizens Are Without Clean Water

With over 190 million people in a region the size of the state of Texas, Pakistan is in short supply of various resources we take for granted. One of the most critically limited resources these days is access to clean drinking water.  

Himalayan Salt Co. founder, Attai Shahzad is dedicated to creating clean water infrastructure for populations throughout Pakistan with the Himalayan Salt Co. “Clean Water Project” where we donate a portion of proceeds to providing clean drinking water systems to those communities.

Every Salt Skill Product Provides Clean Water 

A portion of each sale goes directly towards providing clean water infrastructure to the regions where it is needed most.  Our first reverse osmosis  facility was installed in 2012 in chach #8 outside of Lahore has produced over 2 million gallons of clean water for that village and continues to this day. 

What's Next?

Over the last five years, the Himalayan Salt Company has grown to become one of the nation’s leading importers of Himalayan salt products to the USA, and in turn has provided jobs and stability to over 100 families in Pakistan further deepening the impact Himalayan salt has had both in the USA, and also in Pakistan.

As we strive to build cultural bridges and learn about one another, we come to find we all share a universal human desire for meaningful work, healthy families and strong communities. 

The Blue Packaging.

Salt Skill’s blue caps and blue insignia on our products represent our clean water commitment and with your help, we can create more clean water in the next 10 years than has been provided in the last 100.  

Not only are we dedicated to using present systems, we are also leading the charge in advancing clean water technology to increase and stretch every dollar to do the most good.

Cutting Edge Water Cleaning Technology

Salt Skill’s brand director Kyle Dammann sits on the board of an up and coming clean water technology that is showing impressive results in polluted sites across the USA.  Funded and supported by organizations like Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Smithsonian Institute, Princeton University and others, this promising technology aims to clean water with less electricity and maintenance and costs, than ever before.  To learn more visit

Partnering Is Key

This project is vast in scope and we can’t do it alone. That is why we are connecting with excellent and dedicated people like Hamza Farrukh. In 2018 he made Forbes 30 under 30 list for his Solar Water Project. A Pakistani native, working Goldman Sachs in London, Hamza knows firsthand what it’s going to take to eliminate the ravishing effects of waterborne illnesses. You can learn more about his project here:

Get Involved Today

All purchases of products sold on this website will contribute (avg. 10% net sales) to clean water infrastructure through the various projects mentioned above.  You can also donate directly to Mr. Farrukh’s solar water project here: