10oz Fine Grain Pink Himalayan Salt

10oz Fine Grain Pink Himalayan Salt

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Enhance the flavor of....everything 

Mineral rich pink Himalayan salt from Salt Skill. Contains 84 trace minerals, pink Himalayan salt is an all natural alternative to traditional processed table salt that will bring out subtle and delicious new flavors in your food!

2 Sides to Every Shaker

Our 10 oz jar has a shaker side and a pour side for easy cooking and serving.

Not all salt is created equal. 

Mineral rich, ethically sourced, and packaged with care.  Salt Skill brand Himalayan salt products are made and sold by people who care about your salt and providing your family with an authentic and healthful food for your family. 

Good Karma Points

Our blue lids symbolize our clean water efforts to provide drinking water to the communities throughout the Himalayan foothills who need it most.  A portion of the proceeds of your purchase go directly towards clean water infrastructure.