Himalayan Salt Gourmet Fine Grain - 5lb bag

Himalayan Salt Gourmet Fine Grain - 5lb bag

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Salt That You, and Your Body Will Love!

Join the millions of health and taste savvy customers who have made the salt switch!

Not only does it make food taste great, the pH balance of Himalayan salt is identical to the pH balance in the human body. This causes the salt and other beneficial minerals contained in our Himalayan salt to be more safely absorbed into your body.

Where Does The Salt Come From?

Our salt only comes from the best mines in the Himalayas. Sourced from the Kerwha salt mines in Pakistan, our salt has been cleaned, sun dried, fine ground in our FDA approved facility and packaged without any added chemicals or processing.

Grind Your Pepper Not Your Salt!  

At Salt Skill, we only recommend finely ground Himalayan salt. This helps bring out more flavor using less salt and gives you more bang for your buck!

Why Is The Price So Good?

Salt Skill is the leading importer of ethically sourced Himalayan salt in the United States. We use our buying power and efficient supply chain to pass the savings on to you, our customer.  It is our dream to have healthy, mineral rich Himalayan salt in every home and restaurant in the USA.

If you are interested in learning more about our salt, keep scrolling…

**Sodium, like everything else in life should be consumed in moderate amounts. Consult your doctor if you have questions about healthy sodium intake.



Salt has been vilified in our culture and, when you consider that commercially produced table salt is terrible for your health, it is easy to understand why. The problem, however, isn't salt; it’s the way that humans have started to produce, process and manipulate what is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Himalayan pink salt, however, is a naturally sourced salt free of pollutants, additives or chemicals. Unlike traditional table salt, it is not processed or altered. Choosing Himalayan Pink salt is choosing to be a healthier, more centered, happier person because it is what nature intended for you. When you allow nature to work its magic, you will see huge differences in your physical body, spirit and mind.

Nutrition in Each Bite

Himalayan pink salt is rich in iron, calcium and 80 other trace minerals. All of these minerals already exist in the human body and essential to our proper functioning. Perhaps the most interesting thing about these minerals is that they exist in similar proportions in this salt as they do in our own bodies. This salt is obviously meant to be eaten by humans. It is a complement to our physical bodies. It aids in organ health, is a natural antimicrobial and is unbelievably abundant. This salt is also a totally renewable resource and, therefore, an ethical choice.

Why Himalayan Pink Salt?

Himalayan pink salt is a delicious alternative to manufactured table salt. The salts that you buy at the grocery store are processed, heated and chemically altered. This kind of salt raises blood pressure, interferes with proper digestion and will slowly kill you. Himalayan pink salt is salt in its purest form. It’s chock full of healthy minerals and tastes much better than the table salt that most people use daily. It can be eaten in food, diluted in water and drank (a beverage called sole) and is used to make ionizing lamps. It can, quite literally, work miracles in your life and in your body.

Questions about Himalayan Pink Salt

You are undoubtedly sold on its health benefits and may feel very excited about giving it a try. However, because this salt is different from what many of us are used to there is probably also some nervousness. Questions you have may include:

  • How does it taste?
  • Will it work into dishes as easily as traditional table salt?
  • How will I use it?

Simple Salt, Simple Answers

It is very understandable to have questions. You may be surprised to know just how simple the answers are. It tastes wonderful, is easy to cook with and is the perfect seasoning for a healthy, organic whole food diet. It is totally natural and untouched and is actually said to taste much better than other types of commercially sold salt. Our body craves this type of nutrition so we return to this seasoning over and over again to get that which we need.