Himalayan Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

Himalayan Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

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Our Official Party Enhancement Devices!

Salt Skill’s original Himalayan salt shot glasses are guaranteed to turn it up a notch at your next party!

Popular Uses:

Shooting tequila (duh!)
Entertaining new friends or guests
Giving as a gift
Turning it up a notch! 🙂

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The Best Holiday Gift Since...Well...Ever!

Our Himalayan salt shot glasses are handmade with the finest Himalayan salt in the world. Harvested by hand from deep under the Himalayan mountain range, you’ll look like a seasoned world traveler when you bring these glasses to your next party.

There’s no need for a salt shaker, simply slice up some limes, pour a fine tequila, and enjoy the moment!

Listen Up Guys

Get her talking! Your sustainably sourced, handcrafted shot glasses will get the conversation started, and make you look like the earth loving, sophisticated, world traveling boss that you’ve always wanted to be. Giving a damn has never been this cool or this easy! 10% of the proceeds from your shot glasses will go directly to the rural communities of the Himalayan foothills by helping to build a clean water infrastructure.

Ladies, Win That Man

Did you know that women who drink their tequila from Himalayan shot glasses are 32% more likely to attract a sophisticated and handsome world traveling social activist? No? Well that’s because we totally made that up. Unfounded statistics aside, if you bring these shot glasses to your next party, you’ll have every excuse to talk to that rugged gentleman about his most recent adventures! And once the tequila kicks in, who knows where things might go! Rawrr!

Free Warm Fuzzies With Every Purchase

From the Himalayan foothills in Pakistan, to our headquarters in Pennsylvania, and now to your home, Salt Skill has pledged to create a positive impact along our supply chain. With environmental sustainability and social responsibility as part of our core values, you can feel good knowing that your purchase has made a positive impact every step of the way.

10% of all Salt Skill proceeds go toward building a clean water infrastructure in the Pakistani rural villages near our salt caverns.

Use Responsibly

We believe that good health and a happy life comes from enjoying all things in moderation, which is why we encourage you to enjoy your shot glasses and the liquids that you place inside them responsibly.

Shot Glass Shortage!

Once we sell out of these for the holidays, we do not know when they will be back in stock, so get them before it’s too late!

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